Still not loving your job?

A woman unhappy at workWe are now at the dawning of brand new year! Maybe some of your resolutions have become shiny new habits! And how about Monday morning? Has that feeling changed? Feel all bright eyed and bushy-tailed about heading in to the office? According to statistics, the answer is mostly, no.

In an article published by Gallup reflecting a decade of data, here is the bottom line. “For the most part, Americans’ satisfaction with various aspects of their jobs is higher today than it was in 2005. But despite these improvements, no more than one in three workers are completely satisfied with their salaries, stress levels, chances for promotion and retirement plans.”


So why, in over a decade, hasn’t the work satisfaction scene changed to reflect a more positive picture? In truth, there are many elements at play. But let’s focus on the two main factors, the workplace, and the worker. While the picture is a big one, (and the bigger the company, the bigger the picture), there is one very powerful fact that remains. This fact is simply this. YOU control your satisfaction about work (and about anything).

Let’s get practical. Say you are dissatisfied with your job. You have two choices. Tune up your satisfaction level with what you are currently doing in your job, or change your job. Easier said than done? Not really. This may be disturbing news, but you are NOT a victim. You are a creator. Did I err in calling this fact “disturbing?” No, because most people would rather NOT embrace their power and personal responsibility, and instead remain a victim.

Your workplace does not exist to entertain you, make you happy, make you rich, fulfilled, or any other measure of your personal satisfaction. YOU exist to do this. It is YOUR job to make your job a source of satisfaction.

These statistics will not change as long as each of us is waiting around for our workplace to magically change into Disneyland. This is not to say there is no magic in your work life. There is, but YOU hold the wand.

And here is how you must use it. First, completely own your responsibility for happiness and satisfaction in your job. No blame. No more playing victim. Second, look at where you are, what you are doing, and assess the fit. Decent fit, bad attitude? Or bad fit, good attitude? In the first case, work on an attitude adjustment (call a coach or workplace mentor). In the second, talk to management about moving you to a better fitting job role. If there isn’t one, dust off your resume.

Here’s the point. If each of us embraced total responsibility for our work happiness, insisted on sharing our precious gifts and talents, and became very creative about crafting a job role that reflected who we really are…….we would totally shift these statistics off the charts (upward) in the next decade. It’s possible, it’s crucial (financially, emotionally, and physically), and it is our responsibility and opportunity. The only question is, what are YOU going to do?
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