Season of New Light

Here it is, this time of year again.  We reflect back and look forward.  Less than one week away is the shortest day of the year (here in the USA).  It’s a hinge point to the opening of new light.  Holiday traditions of many cultures are based in this theme.  What does this mean for you?  To enter a season of new light?  To welcome the coming of a New Year of greater light in your life?

Seth Godin just wrote a post about this topic in the world of work.  He said, “To walk lightly through the world, with confidence and energy, is far more compelling than plodding along, worn down by the weight on your shoulders. When we are light on our feet we make better decisions, bring joy to those around us and find the flexibility to do good work.”  He suggests that we, “….eagerly embrace the weight of our commitment but to commit to being light, regardless.

So what does this look like?  At work, it means to embrace your work as service, and to be patient and pleasant.  We’re exploring Enlightenment at work in our new season of “Chai Chat:  Creating New Worlds At Work.”   With family and friends it means to be understanding and compassionate.  In all areas of life it means to see the highest in everyone and to seek joy.

What if there was less drama and more light?   There can be.  It will start with you and me.   Wishing each of us a Season of New Light.