Resolutions resigned?

ResolutionsWe are officially just over two weeks into our new year.  And where are your resolutions?  Research says that they are already gone, failed, resigned.  And what now?  Back to the same old story?

Resolutions fail because they are fueled by heaviness, not lightness. They are about push and punish rather than intention and inspiration.  They are outside in rather than inside out.

You may have failed at your resolutions, but your dreams and desires are still in you.  The real question is, how will you realize them?  Maybe you want to feel and look better.  Maybe you want to be a better partner in your relationship.  Maybe you want to have more income.  Maybe find a job you will enjoy.  Or finally discover your true purpose in life.

Just like any serious athlete needs a good coach to guide and inspire them, so do you.  Living a life you will really love isn’t for the weak of heart.  It is for those with lots of heart.  But going it alone isn’t always optimal……in fact it never is.

Give yourself a gift especially during this first month of this new year.  Contact me and we can discuss becoming a team.  A team to guide, and support, and inspire you to expand your life, and to live it the way your heart really desires.  Now really, isn’t this your true intention?