Couples Coaching in Columbus, OH

Couples Coaching

You deserve to enjoy yourself & each other in your relationship. This is not only possible; this is how it should be.

What couples coaching can do for you and your partner:

  • Heal old hurts and build an intimate, fulfilling relationship.
  • Identify your fears and how to work through them together.
  • Learn to communicate effectively with one another.
  • Discover how to be in relationship without losing yourself.
  • Find truth, passion and gratitude in every interaction.
  • Learn to love your life together.

Uncover your path to change by turning the lens on the kaleidoscope of your relationship. Through better understanding each other’s perspectives, powerful positive shifts are made. Making the most of life means living it in the best perspective. And a healthy relationship means being able to grow individually, while also growing closer together.

Coaching sessions are provided by phone, Skype or in person for those living locally in Columbus, Ohio.

Sessions are 55 minutes, scheduled by appointment. Rate is $150/session. Package rates available upon request.


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