Becoming a life coach in Columbus, OH

Coaching For Entrepreneurs

Let’s face it.  Some of us aren’t cut out for the 9 to 5.  We are passionate about something, and willing to take the risks to put our creativity on the line in creating our own business.  If that’s you, you need a coach who knows what it takes and can support you along this exciting path.

What coaching can do for you:

  • Help you unleash your creative potential in visioning your business path
  • Provide structure and accountability as you develop your business
  • Teach you healthy patterns of work/life balance
  • Keep you true to yourself and your mission as you navigate through tough spots

As entrepreneurs, there is nothing more exciting than creating our own professional path.  Yet also nothing quite as solo.  Let’s build a partnership.  With my guidance and support, you will grow as you grow your business.  Attain the joy and satisfaction you deserve in making your dreams come true.

Coaching sessions are provided by phone, Skype or in person for those living locally in Columbus, Ohio.

Sessions are 55 minutes, scheduled by appointment. Rate is $125/session. Package rates available upon request.

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