Let’s Imagine

Imagine this….you try living just one day without fear. Be aware that fear appears in many disguises.  Fear is not just the running-away-from-hungry-bear feeling. It’s also stress, competing, comparing, anxiety, restlessness, distraction, hurrying……and many more disguises. What is the feeling of no fear?  It is peace, calm, well being, appreciation, joy, curiosity, delight.  Hopefully you Read more about Let’s Imagine[…]

“Good” Friday

Today is Good Friday.  It is the most intense, painful, and sad day of the year in the Christian tradition.  Many of us can feel this palpable heaviness each year on this day, and even as this day approaches, through to Easter Sunday.  I’ve been thinking about the “good” in Good Friday.   Some believe Read more about “Good” Friday[…]