Let’s Imagine

Imagine this….you try living just one day without fear. Be aware that fear appears in many disguises.  Fear is not just the running-away-from-hungry-bear feeling. It’s also stress, competing, comparing, anxiety, restlessness, distraction, hurrying……and many more disguises. What is the feeling of no fear?  It is peace, calm, well being, appreciation, joy, curiosity, delight.  Hopefully you Read more about Let’s Imagine[…]

Year of the Dragon in the Age of Aquarius

Wow…what a fantastic time we are living in!   We are closing out a World Age, beginning The Year of the Dragon, and all this is happening in The Age of Aquarius!  (Any more excitement and we’d likely all vaporize!)  Lori & I explored these topics in our recent Chai Chat show — listen & enjoy!    January Read more about Year of the Dragon in the Age of Aquarius[…]

Holiday Angels

One of our Enlightened Life Lovers, Theresa Wilkinson, sent me this story and video link.  Just when we thought that the world economy is in chaos, our own government is divided against itself, and the unemployment rate may not go up for some time…..there is a story like this one.  Click this link and see for yourself! Read more about Holiday Angels[…]

Recession or Revision – Part 2

The end of 2009 is upon us, complete with the upcoming holidays and a reflective look back at a tumultuous year. Last weekend’s Wall Street Journal (Weekend Edition) boasted the headline, “Jobs Data Lift Recovery Hopes,” siting a slight drop in the jobless rate in November, after a solid two year climb to “heights unseen Read more about Recession or Revision – Part 2[…]