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Got boundaries?

Boundaries define us in many ways.  They highlight the edge of “self” and the beginning of “other.” They help us by fencing off our personal space, our work space, and our sanity.  They are the signs that broadcast to others CAUTION, KEEP OUT, or ROUGH ROAD AHEAD!   When used correctly, they reflect our respectful, adult Read more about Got boundaries?[…]

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The Secret Behind “Time Management”

The secret behind “time management” is that it is an oxymoron.  Think about it.  Can you really manage time?  No.  Time is time.  So what’s the secret?  It is this.  You can MANAGE YOURSELF IN TIME.  Here is an amazing fact.   You can actually experience time as E-X-P-A-N-D-I-N-G when you are careful to manage yourself well and with Read more about The Secret Behind “Time Management”[…]

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Ego States At Work

Ever find your colleagues or your boss acting like an obstinate  two year old or a petulant teen?  Feels a little crazy, like “Am I really seeing what I’m seeing?”  And how does one even respond in this surreal moment? You’ve been there.  We all have.  What’s really happening?  What you are seeing is a regressive Read more about Ego States At Work[…]


Resolutions resigned?

We are officially just over two weeks into our new year.  And where are your resolutions?  Research says that they are already gone, failed, resigned.  And what now?  Back to the same old story? Resolutions fail because they are fueled by heaviness, not lightness. They are about push and punish rather than intention and inspiration.  Read more about Resolutions resigned?[…]

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Are you the real deal?

Was prepping this post when I saw a post entitled “Hiding” by Seth Godin (1/10/16).   It says, “Your customers are hiding.  Your prospects are hiding.  You are hiding.  All of us are.  Hiding from change. Hiding from responsibility .  Hiding from the prospect of feeling foolish.  We hide by avoiding things that will change us.  We hide by Read more about Are you the real deal?[…]

Let’s Imagine

Imagine this….you try living just one day without fear. Be aware that fear appears in many disguises.  Fear is not just the running-away-from-hungry-bear feeling. It’s also stress, competing, comparing, anxiety, restlessness, distraction, hurrying……and many more disguises. What is the feeling of no fear?  It is peace, calm, well being, appreciation, joy, curiosity, delight.  Hopefully you Read more about Let’s Imagine[…]