My Book

Over the years many clients would ask, “Why don’t you write a book?” So I decided to create something special. Enlightenment Appetizers: A Taste of Enlightenment in Everyday Life is a beautiful full color, magazine style soft cover book. It features thirty four articles which I wrote over the span of seven years on topics including work, relationships, health, consciousness, spirituality, and many more.

This book is written in a conversational style, as though I am actually speaking directly with you. And while it is an excellent primer for those new to energy science, it also serves as a training coach for those well-seasoned in these perspectives. In short, I think you will find Enlightenment Appetizers to be both enlightening and enchanting.

My book also includes a special gift. An exclusive web course entitled, “How Life Really Works: Energy Science 101.” It’s a great visual source of powerful information providing a fun foundation for the articles.

Enlightenment Appetizers is available through Amazon and Balboa Press (which also offers an e-book version).

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