Are you the real deal?

Lady looking into a mirrorWas prepping this post when I saw a post entitled “Hiding” by Seth Godin (1/10/16).   It says, “Your customers are hiding.  Your prospects are hiding.  You are hiding.  All of us are.  Hiding from change. Hiding from responsibility .  Hiding from the prospect of feeling foolish.  We hide by avoiding things that will change us.  We hide by asking for reassurance.  We hide by letting someone else speak up and lead.  We live in fear of feelings.”

If everyone is “hiding” almost all the time, then who is showing up?  Who is the real deal?  Is it all “virtual” now?  Scary, but maybe the answer is “yes.”

The word “authenticity” has become quite the buzzword.  Kind of ironic, given what I just wrote in this post.  And the concept of “reality” has also taken over the media.  Again, so very ironic.

I am writing on this topic because of how very crucial it is.  If you are “hiding,” you are not living.  And if you are not “authentic,” you are not you.  It’s the very beginning of a new year.  No better time to look yourself in the eye and see if you can find you.

So I’m offering my “Crucial Intentions For 2016” list. Here they are:

  • Look in the mirror.  See anyone your heart recognizes?  If not, keep looking until you do.
  • Listen to your thoughts.  Are you proud to share them?  If not, change them so you are.
  • Hear your own words.  Are they your truth?  If not, begin the journey toward honesty.
  • Listen to what you say to others.  Is it clear, authentic, kind?  If not, clean it up.
  • Take time to be still.  Can you feel what is in your heart?  If not, stay still until you do.


That’s it.  Show up.  Be authentic.  Speak your truth.  Stay close to your heart.  If you do, it’ll be the best year yet.  (And, yes, I too am working on it.)