My Formal Education includes:

  • Doctoral degree in psychology

    -University of Cincinnati

  • Master’s degree in kinesiology/sport psychology

    -University of Waterloo; Ontario, Canada

  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology & English

    -University of Pittsburgh

  • Certificate of Women’s Studies

    -University of Pittsburgh

  • Basic & Advanced Certifications in Holistic Coaching

    -Journeys of Wisdom Holistic Coaching Institute; Columbus, OH


You Can Call Me Dr. V

Hello! I’m Victoria A. Vetere and I’m so pleased that you’re here and thinking about making some positive changes in your life.

Chances are you aren’t happy with your life in some ways. You may be facing a specific challenge right now. Or maybe you’ve been feeling a growing sense of dissatisfaction for quite some time. You could choose to do nothing, and likely nothing will change. You can talk with your family and friends. And while they may be supportive, it takes an experienced professional to guide you through resolving your issues and changing your life. Or, you could take a risk and contact me. You will lose nothing, but what you could gain will amaze you. Just read some testimonials and see what happened for others.

It’s natural to be hesitant, so let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a life coach, or as I like to call it, an Enlightenment Instigator. I help men and women of all ages start creating their lives, rather than reacting to them. I offer a balanced blend of Eastern & Western perspectives. Some of my favorite authors and teachers are Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Caroline Myss, David Hawkins, Don Miguel Ruiz, Eckhart Tolle, Louise Hay, and Stuart Wilde

Life coaches typically have little knowledge of or experience in behavioral science. I have more than 25 years’ experience in personal growth work, as well as Basic and Advanced Certifications in Holistic Coaching and a doctoral degree in Social and Clinical Psychology. This experience gives me the expertise and training to help my clients in the most effective and appropriate ways. They feel secure in working with me to discover more self-fulfillment and joy about life than they ever thought possible.

I love to learn and am always expanding my knowledge for both my own personal growth and to enhance my coaching and teaching. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, I have been a television sportswriter & production assistant, a technical editor, and a tennis teacher & coach. I have also been a contributing writer for several magazines, and currently co-host a radio show called “Chai Chat,” which focuses on transforming the world of work.

My coaching style is relaxed and interactive. Helping people to powerfully transform their lives is not only what I do, it is who I am. To reach a broader audience with this message of Enlightenment, I published my first book, Enlightenment Appetizers: A Taste of Enlightenment in Everyday Life. It is a beautiful full color, magazine style soft cover book with thirty four articles on many timely topics. It is available as an e-book through Balboa Press, and in book form at Balboa and Amazon.

Giving back is also very important to me and to my clients. I love art and animals, especially cats. Learn more about my fundraising initiative and vision at

It takes courage to step up and change your life. Your discontent is proof that something deep within you hopes you will. Let’s talk and open up a pathway to possibility.